Gone are the days when the only thing hearing aids could do was amplify hearing. Today’s hearing aids perform even better at this key function while tracking your health, connecting you with your hearing health team, and making location-based adjustments, among many more tasks. And that’s only the start. Today’s hearing aids can do all the things below.

1. Detect your falls (and alert people)

Let’s say that the same ear damage underpinning your hearing loss also affects your balance. In that case, you might be at an increased fall risk. That’s why today’s best hearing aids come with integrated sensors that detect when you fall. These hearing aids also alert selected contacts when they detect a fall. This way, even if you can’t get back up, you’re never truly alone.

2. Track your body and brain health

Like a fitness tracker or smartwatch, some hearing aids can track your daily movement. This ability stems from the same sensors underlying fall detection technology. Hearing aid activity tracking is also more accurate than wrist-based trackers due to their location.

Alongside these body health measurements come brain health measurements. These metrics include your total hearing aid usage time, social engagement levels, and active listening time. Both your brain and body measurements will appear as scores based on which you can set goals. You can then adjust your habits, track your changes, and improve yourself for the better.

3. Improve your music, movie, and TV streaming experiences

Hearing aid technology has progressed far enough that hearing through your smartphone, TV, or other streaming devices is easier than ever before. It’s also clearer than ever before given improvements in hearing aid design. And if you’re listening to music in particular, you can adjust some hearing aids to best sharpen and enhance what you hear. It’s music to your ears.

4. Automatically adjust your hearing based on your location

Some locations are tougher to hear in than others. Your hearing aids can help address this gap with automatic location-based adjustments. Just customize your hearing aids’ levels in a certain location, then store those settings and geotag them. The next time you’re back there, your hearing aids will connect to GPS and cellular towers and realize your location. They’ll then automatically adjust your levels to exactly what you need to hear everything in full.

5. Virtually connect you with your hearing professional

When you visit your hearing professional for fittings and adjustments, they do the best anyone realistically can. And usually, they get it right. But occasionally, in the real world, things sound a little different. That’s why today’s best hearing aids let you virtually connect with your hearing professional for real-time adjustments. This way, when the real world poses unexpected hearing challenges, the help you need is always within reach.

6. Find your phone (or your hearing aids)

Some hearing aid models include technology with which you can locate a lost or misplaced phone to which they’re connected. Yes, you’re reading that right – some hearing aids are powerful enough to call your phone and make it ring. The inverse is true too, as phones can locate lost or misplaced hearing aids through the same connection. With today’s hearing aids, all your most important devices are always within reach.

7. Transcribe conversations

Hearing aids are the best solution to hearing loss, but nothing is 100% perfect. That’s why today’s best hearing aids transcribe your conversations and store the text to your phone to read later or in real-time. This way, you can properly recall conversations you struggled to hear. With hearing aid transcription technology, hearing is believing.

How to get all these hearing aid features

The easiest way to get all these top-notch hearing aid features is to choose Audibel for your hearing aids. Audibel devices such as the Arc AI, Via AI, and Via Edge AI include all the above features through the Thrive Hearing Control app. Combined, these features restore your hearing and bring balance to your life. Find a hearing professional now to start your journey toward hearing aids that start at your ears and encompass your whole body and mind.