Better Hearing Never Sounded This Good

Like smartphones, every new generation of hearing aids is better than the last. But none has made more significant advancements than the all-new Intrigue AI.

Here are 5 reasons why now is the right time to upgrade to the best there is to offer.



Our clearest, most true-to-life sound yet

Simply put, hearing aids work by picking up the sounds that enter your ear, processing them via the hearing aid’s internal software, then replicating and amplifying those sounds so your brain “hears” and understands them.

Intrigue AI’s all-new proprietary chip technology enables them to process sounds faster and more accurately than ever before. It’s unmatched speed and sophistication means the sounds that are replicated and amplified by Intrigue AI sound more like they should — and more like our brains intended. The unmatched speed also enables Intrigue AI to automatically make up to 80 million adjustments every hour, so you can go from a noisy restaurant to a quiet park without having to do—or miss—a thing.


Up to 51 hours of use on a single charge

Go all day long without worrying about running out of power or changing a battery. In fact, you never even have to buy a hearing aid battery again. Intrigue AI includes the industry’s longest-lasting rechargeable RIC hearing aid—over two full days on one overnight charge—so you can stream, listen and engage uninterrupted from the time you get up in the morning till when you go to bed at night.


Reliable, long-range Bluetooth connectivity

Intrigue AI has 40% longer wireless range than our previous technology, meaning you can clearly and confidently stream from your smartphone, tablet or TV (via our TV Streamer) even if they’re not right next to you. Now you can refill your beverage without hitting pause on the game, or set your phone on the counter and continue a call while preparing the evening’s dinner.


All-day comfort and long-lasting durability

Whether it’s Intrigue AI’s ergonomically designed RIC style or industry’s smallest custom-fit in-ear option, these discreet, comfortable hearing aids are designed to be barely noticeable by you and barely visible to others. They also feature the industry’s top durability rating — so you can be confident they can withstand what life dishes out, whether it’s sweat, rain, dirt, dust or drops.


Benefits beyond better hearing

We figured if you’re going to wear hearing aids all day, why not engineer them to do more than just help you hear. And with features like fall detection, language translation, activity tracking, reminders and many others, Intrigue AI deliver a lot “more” than any other hearing aid on the market. They’re a hearing aid, health tracker and personal assistant all rolled into one.

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*CDC article on brain health related to physical activity:’s%20good,of%20cognitive%20decline%2C%20including%20dementia.

**40% improved wireless range compared Arc technology.

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