In New York City, hearing care can take on extra dimensions less prevalent in other cities. Grinding subways, honking horns, and busy streets mean that your hearing aids need to work smarter and harder to ensure you can hear what you need to hear. The good news is that acknowledging these factors is the first step toward effectively shopping for a hearing aid in NYC. Below are all the key considerations.

How to shop for a hearing aid in NYC

In the city that never sleeps, your hearing aid will probably need to put in extra work to account for all the noise. Look for the following in your hearing instruments no matter where in New York City you work, live, or simply have fun.

  • Noise reduction. The Big Apple is full of background noise that can make it harder for your hearing aid to fully restore normal hearing. That’s why New Yorkers like you need noise reduction technology in their hearing aids. This technology is vital when a truck rumbles by. Noise reduction technology minimizes the impact of these harsh sounds on your hearing.
  • Directional microphones. Whether in a busy store or a loud restaurant, you’ll probably notice something: The room is pretty full. In crowded spaces like these, hearing the person directly in front of you can be tough. Directional microphones solve this problem, as they point directly at the person speaking to you. Plus, with newer, more advanced technology, you can make up for the hearing challenges of listening to someone who’s mouth may be obstructed by a mask or a scarf.
  • Rechargeable batteries (and long battery life). Many trustworthy hearing aids operate on rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones. That said, no two rechargeable hearing aids are exactly the same. You should look for hearing aids that promise the maximum possible battery life, ideally 24 hours. Quick recharge times are also ideal.
  • Easy adjustability. Even the most qualified hearing aid specialists and doctors of audiology can’t predict everything you’ll encounter in the real world. Their hearing aid adjustments and fittings might only partially prepare you for, say, fully enjoying a rock show. In moments like these when hearing feels tough, remote control for your hearing aids makes a huge difference. Adjusting your hearing aids from your phone means you can enjoy the sounds around you in full pretty much right away.
  • Wireless connectivity. If you’re more of a home music listener than a showgoer, you’ll need high-quality wireless streaming in your hearing aids. This way, you can connect directly to your media device for seamless, adjustable listening. The same goes for TV and movie streaming, not to mention everyday phone calls. Wireless connectivity is key to maintaining the quality of life you had before your hearing loss.
  • Ease of care. In a hectic, fast-paced world, you may not always have the time, or want to take the time, to head to the hearing repair center for adjustments. However, newer hearing aid models can support adjustments on the go, made remotely as you sit at home or by your desk at work.
  • The right hearing aid style for your needs. Virtually invisible hearing aid styles such as receiver-in-canal (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE) ensure that the only person who knows what’s in your ear – is you. You’ll get all the hearing aid technology you need without anyone seeing your devices.
  • Advanced features. Newer hearing aid models often include advanced technology such as health tracking, fall detection, real-time transcription, and more. These devices improve the quality of life for hearing-impaired people in ways that go beyond hearing. And they do it all while fitting snugly in the ear canal.

What to look for among NYC hearing aid providers

It’s one thing to find the ideal hearing aid for your needs. It’s another to find an NYC hearing aid provider that will walk you through every step of the process. For that hands-on attention, you’ll need a hearing aid provider that offers all the below.

  • Hearing tests and screenings. Any entity from which you buy hearing aids should offer on-site hearing tests and screenings. This way, you and your hearing professionals know exactly the extent to which you need hearing aid assistance without needing to make another appointment or visiting another provider. With this knowledge, you can decide on the best hearing aid for your needs.
  • Guaranteed appointments sooner than later. No, you’re not overreacting – when your hearing aids stop working properly, it can be a pressing matter. While it’s not technically a medical emergency, you can miss a lot of important moments — as well as live a diminished quality of life — while waiting for your hearing aids to get back into gear. A good NYC hearing aid provider understands the urgency of hearing aid adjustments and will make its team available for fixes ASAP. In Audibel’s case, you’re guaranteed to see a provider within 72 hours of requesting an appointment.
  • In-house repairs. Sometimes, hearing professionals can solve your issues with new adjustments and fittings. Other times, your devices might require full-on repairs. Some hearing centers will need to ship your hearing aids to their manufacturers for these repairs. That, of course, introduces more time without your hearing restored, so you should choose a hearing care team that offers in-house repairs. You’ll get your hearing aids back quickly and dive right back into your daily life.
  • Affiliate practice network. Let’s say you’re traveling and you start experiencing hearing aid problems. How will you know where to turn? A solid bet might be to visit a hearing center connected to your NYC hearing aid professionals. That’s why you should choose an NYC hearing aid center with an affiliate practice network. This way, your hearing is in good hands no matter where in the U.S. you travel.
  • Advanced technology. This point bears repeating: An abundance of good hearing aids exist, but the best include advanced technology not available in all devices. And you truly deserve to once again hear the world around you in full. So search for an NYC hearing aid provider that offers devices with advanced features. Your hearing will benefit, and so will your whole body and mind.

Why Audibel is the best NYC hearing aid provider

Given all the above device and provider considerations, Audibel Manhattan is your go-to for all your NYC hearing aid needs. When you choose us, you get guaranteed 72-hour appointments for urgent matters. We also offer in-house hearing aid repairs and an affiliate network comprising more than 400 American practices well beyond New York, NY. And best of all, our hearing aids boast some of the smartest and most advanced features available in any hearing aid available on the market.

At Audibel Manhattan, we offer hearing aids that come with activity tracking, automatic location-based adjustments, transcription, and so much more. Our Arc AI and Via Edge AI models – the most advanced around – use artificial intelligence to provide these advanced features. That means you can control your hearing aids from your phone any time, anywhere. And getting these devices is easy as well.

Audibel Manhattan is located at 30 E 60th St, right on the border of Midtown East and the Upper East Side. That’s smack-dab between two local NRW stops. It’s pretty close to the 5 Av/53 St E/M, Lexington/63 F,  and 68 St 4/6 stops too. Plus, there’s plenty of parking in the area, so you can arrive in your own vehicle without sweating where you’ll put your car (talk about a unique New York City experience). So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now to restore your hearing in no time.