Maybe you struggle with single-sided hearing loss or ear damage that affects both your hearing and balance. Or maybe mask use, social distancing, and background noise make your hearing loss even tougher to combat. In that case, you need Audibel’s Via Edge hearing aid, which provides 24 hours of superior listening in these situations and more. Here’s how to use it.

How to set up your Via Edge hearing aid

For such an advanced device, the Via Edge is incredibly simple to set up. To start, visit a hearing center for an initial fitting and adjustment to ensure you’re getting started on the right foot. Then, make sure the battery in your hearing aid is fully charged. After that, you’ll take the unique extra step of pairing your hearing aids with the Thrive Hearing Control App on your compatible smartphone or tablet. You’re then ready to go.

For more in-depth instructions, read the Via Edge quick start guide. It includes clear directions on how to properly close the battery door and connect your hearing aids with the app.

Advanced Via Edge features

With your Via Edge powered on and connected to the Thrive Hearing Control App, you’ll get the most out of the one-of-a-kind Healthable™ hearing aid technology. With this technology, you get the following advanced features unique to Audibel hearing aids.

  • Body and brain health and activity tracking. With the Via Edge, you can leave your Fitbit at home. When connected to the Thrive app, your Via Edge can track your body health metrics such as daily steps and other activity levels. It can also track brain statistics such as active listening time, social engagement levels, and total usage time. You can then set goals in the app to modify your behavior and improve your stats.
  • Fall detection. If you fall at home, your Via Edge hearing aids can detect it. The hearing aids will then alert your emergency contacts, who can come help you or send for help. This feature is especially important if your hearing loss stems from ear damage that also affects your balance, or if you have another condition that affects your balance. It means that when you fall, you’ll have help on the way.
  • Automatic location-based listening adjustments. The Via Edge scans the most challenging listening situations and makes adjustments designed to improve speech audibility issues. For example, let’s say you’re in a location where you’ve previously adjusted your hearing aid settings in the Thrive app. In that case, the Via Edge will detect your location, and the Thrive app will automatically adjust your levels accordingly. That particularly noisy restaurant you always frequent will be a little easier to hear in — and you won’t have to lift a finger to do it.
  • Adjustments for social distancing and mask use. It can be tough to hear someone speaking to you from six feet away, especially with a mask covering their face. In that case, just tap your Via Edge hearing aids to activate Edge Mode. With just this simple tap, the artificial intelligence inside the hearing aids will immediately make the right adjustments. This way, you can hear the people in front of you whether they’re close or far, masked or unmasked.
  • Immediate virtual connections with your hearing professional. Any trustworthy hearing professional will tell you that no hearing aid fitting and adjustment is 100% perfect. If you enter an environment where your normal levels just aren’t cutting it, the Via Edge can get you instant assistance. It can virtually connect you with your hearing professional to collaborate on real-time, instant adjustments, so you won’t even have to make an appointment for these basic adjustments.
  • Conversation transcription. Another option when you’re struggling to hear conversations is for Via Edge to transcribe them for you. Through the Thrive app, the words people are speaking to you will appear as writing on your phone. You can then save the transcription to look back at later or send to others.
  • Lost device scanning. With the Via Edge, you can easily locate your hearing aids if you misplace them. Just pick up your phone and use the Thrive app to activate a locator to help you retrace your steps.
  • Industry-leading sound performance and connectivity. The Via Edge wirelessly connects to your media devices and provides unmatched sound quality as you stream TV, movies, or music. This industry-leading sound performance is just as helpful in everyday conversations. Whether you’re alone or with others, the Via Edge has you covered.

To learn more about the Via Edge’s cutting-edge technology, visit the Via Edge product page. For more information about how the Thrive app brings out the best in these Healthable rechargeable devices, visit the Thrive Hearing Control App page. Once you’ve really taken it all in, find a hearing professional near you to start your Via Edge journey. A hearing test, adjustment, and fitting are all you need for restored, renewed hearing.